11th April 2018

Act 4 Scene 5

Time: Wednesday Morning

Location: Capulet’s House

Characters: Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet, Friar Lawrence, Paris, Peter, First Musician, Second Musician

Events: It is the morning of the wedding, everyone is preparing as the Nurse goes up to Juliet’s room to wake her up she yells to her and comes into the room opening the curtains and letting in the light, she wonders why Juliet is still in her clothes and under closer inspection realises that she is dead, unaware that Juliet took the special drink the night before. She yells for help and both Capulet and Lady Capulet enter, they scream and cry and talk about how Juliet is the only thing in their lives keeping them alive. Friar Lawrence and Paris enter, Paris is distraught and thinking out loud says how long he has waited for this day only to see that Juliet is dead. Friar Lawrence, who knows about the plan explains that they did want Juliet to go higher and step up the social ladder and now that she is in heaven she is the highest that she could possibly be. He says that they should take Juliet’s Corpse to the temple and that it is natural to cry but really they should be happy because Juliet is now living an eternal life.  He is harsh but he is trying to get Juliet to the temple in enough time for her to wake up. If she doesn’t and she wakes up during the ceremony or wakes up while being taken to the temple she will be exposed and found out. Peter and both musicians then enter and Peter tells them to play a song that he likes, they say that it is the wrong time to play sad songs but Peter insists, he says that he will stab them with a knife in the back of their heads and take their instruments off them if them and smash them if they don’t play the song

Quote: Paris “have I thought long to see this morning’s face, And doth it give me such a sight as this?

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