Time: Tuesday night, Wednesday Early Morning

Location: Capulets House, Juliet’s Bedroom

Characters: Juliet, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Nurse, First Servingman, Second Servingman

Events: Juliet arrives home from Friar Lawrence’s cell after being given the drink that will fake her death. She sticks to the plan and tells her parents that on Thursday she will marry Paris. Her father insists that the wedding should be pushed forward to Wednesday morning because of Juliet’s sudden change of mind. As juliet goes to bed she tells the Nurse and Lady Capulet that she wants to be left alone that night and that they will surely have plenty of stuff to prepare for. That night she goes over things that could go wrong, she thinks that Friar could’ve poisoned the drink or that she’ll suffocate in the tomb, or go mad. She eventually convinces herself that it will be fine and drinks the potion. The next morning the Capulet’s are preparing for the wedding, Paris has already arrived at the house and the Nurse is about to go up to Juliet’s room to wake her.

Quotes: Juliet “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here’s drink-I drink to thee”

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