2nd May 2018

Act 5 Scene 3

Location: A churchyard with the tomb of the Capulets

Time: Thursday Morning

Characters: Paris, Romeo, Balthasar, Friar Lawrence, Juliet, Captain of the watch, Second Watchman, Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague

Events: Paris arrives at the tomb to pay his respects to Juliet and lay flowers on her grave, he tells his man (page) to keep watch and whistle to him if he hears someone coming. Paris starts talking about how he will do this every night and this will be his ritual. Page whistle’s to Paris to let him know that someone is coming towards him. It is Romeo who has come to the tomb with his man (Balthasar) to kill himself upon Juliet’s grave Romeo tells Balthasar that on no account should he come to the tomb and if he does Romeo will kill him. Romeo takes the pickaxe and crowbar from Balthasar and proceeds to the tomb and ‘grave’ of Juliet. As Romeo begins to open Juliet’s tomb Paris appears out of the shadows and says to Romeo that he is the man who killed Tybalt and that he is here to create more damage upon the tombs and challenges Romeo to a swordfight. Romeo says to Paris that he is willing to die and that Paris should leave and let Romeo continue, Paris says no and so they have a sword-fight resulting in Paris getting stabbed and dying. Romeo then in respect for Paris lays him in Juliet’s Tomb with her. He examines her and says how lifelike she looks and how her cheeks are not yet drained and her lips still look red as if she is still alive (which unknown to him she is) he then gives her one last kiss, drinks the poison and dies next to her tomb. Friar Lawrence comes into the graveyard soon after and bumps into Balthasar who was supposed to leave but stayed just in case, he tells Friar that Romeo is up in the tomb and Friar goes into the tomb and sees that Romeo and Paris are both dead at that minute Juliet begins to wake up and Friar tells her “quick come out of the tomb” because Friar could hear the watchmen. Juliet tells him to leave her as Romeo is dead and that she will kill herself as well, Friar leaves and Juliet exclaims that she is annoyed that Romeo left no poison for her, she kisses him just in case there was any poison left on his lips and then stabs Romeo’s dagger into herself, killing herself right next to him. The watchmen come through with Friar Lawrence, Balthasar and Page with them as witnesses. Soon after, the prince arrives complaining why he should be woken up so early in the morning until he sees the bodies. They witness Friar Lawrence who tells them the whole story briefly and they witness Page and Balthasar as well who tell the rest of the story. The prince is outraged and tells everyone that they are all punished if not by him but by God.

Quote: Prince “For never was there a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”

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