Statement: Shakespeare uses 4 metaphors in his passage about dreams, he uses these to convey an image that dreams are fickle and unreliable.

Example: Mercutio refers to dreams as “the children of an idle brain”. And says that dreams are “as thin of substance as the air” meaning you cannot trust them or believe them.

Explanation: These are only two but very strong metaphors that Shakespeare has used to create a very strong image that dreams are nothing but fantasy, he makes them seem pointless and you shouldn’t take them seriously.

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  1. Your ideas are clearly expressed here. You can improve it further by being more detailed in your analysis, for example you could explain how the words “children” and “idle brain” add to the meaning of the definition of the dreams by Mercutio. Secondly, it would be a good idea to now explore whether Mercutio’s ideas about dreams were actually accurate. What might this mean about Shakespeare’s message to us about these supernatural occurrences?


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