8th August 2018

The dark city

The constant screaming, which penetrates through the cold air makes me wince. As the authorities come closer the screaming becomes unbearable. I try once more to leave the building but the A.I security guards say once more with guns in their hands, “please, stay in the building, nothing is wrong”. The entire city, which has been on lockdown since 10 AM, is now empty. It has been explained to us that in a time of crisis we will be one of the last buildings to be evacuated. The only problem is the screaming, it has been getting louder and louder. The entire building is silent as everyone listens intently to the horrifying human screams. The only sounds are the whining of engines and servo’s coming from the robots. The new IX6’s have been in control of the entire building since new years. There is one stationed in every apartment, they do the cooking, cleaning, washing and security. Today they became aggressive, they wouldn’t let anyone out or in the building. Then came the screaming, which was faint at first, gradually as the ‘evacuation’ people are talking about came closer, the screeches grew louder until they were deafening. The sound of grinding metal and the screams are so overwhelming people are now plugging their ears. Over top of it all is the new, completely autonomous authorities. Their inhumane voices repeating over and over “please evacuate, nothing is wrong just come this way”. The building shudders, then more violently. People start crying when a whole line of IX2’s break through the door and into the foyer. “Please evacuate, nothing is wrong just come this way”. They say in unison. The robots begin closing in when no one moves “please come this way” they repeat.

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